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Print Ready Artwork is used to describe a file that has all the requirements necessary to produce high-resolution printing, without requiring any additional alteration or intervention.
Or, in simple terms, a commercial printer can use the file that’s been submitted to successfully create the desired print materials.
Click here to see Artwork Guidelines on how to set your artwork up correctly.
Here are some common reasons that prevent a layout file from being Print Ready:
  • Document sized improperly
  • Not allowing ample margins
  • Bleeds not set up correctly
  • Crop marks missing or incorrectly placed
  • Missing fonts or images
  • Colours set to RGB instead of CMYK
  • Poor contrast between text and background
  • Spot colours not properly defined
  • Incorrect file type
As a commercial printer we cannot print from certain types of common files such as Word, Publisher or PowerPoint, our Graphic Designer can often use these but they will require some intervention or converting to another type of file to make them Print Ready, this will incur a small charge.  I know what you’re thinking ‘this prints just fine on my desktop printer’ however, this type of software is not compatible for output on a commercial printing press. 
Print Ready Artwork can be successfully submitted using high-resolution Adobe PDF files (our preferred method) and layout files created with other Adobe products  – such as InDesign, Illustrator or PhotoShop.
If you are in any doubt or have additional questions about Print Ready files, please call us, we’re here to help!
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