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We’re normal people with a flair for creativity and passion for providing great customer service!  We’ve been doing it successfully for years now.
We didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out we are different from some other companies - our customers tell us all the time!  This is because we actually respond to emails quickly and we answer the phone when it rings!  Who knew this was all it would take to build a loyal happy client base?!  
If you are fed up with chasing a company for a quote or to answer a question, then you need to contact us.
We’re on a mission to bring customer service back where it should be – at the front!  We are not a faceless internet printing company. We won’t just take your order and then hide. We won’t print your artwork if it looks wrong without checking with you and we won’t take days to design something and overcharge you.

Every enquiry, is important to us and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.  After all we want you to use us again.
We may not be the cheapest, but we are the best!

Say hello to the team
colin done_edited.jpg

I look after production and all our equipment. Ensuring everything is in good working order. I am also responsible for purchasing stock and liaising with our suppliers to ensure we have synergy to provide the same levels of service we give you, our customers.

And yes, that is a Spurs logo on my shirt!

me complete_edited.jpg

My background is sales so I'm responsible for the sales activity at Motion Printing! I am passionate about customer service so I keep a close eye on our valued customers to ensure they receive exactly what they want when they need it.

And yes, that is a wine glass!

Gayle BW_edited_edited.jpg

I oversee our designers to ensure consistency of work at the highest standard.  I studied Graphic Design at the University of the West of England where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design. 

You're in safe hands with me!

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