If you have any other questions please email or call us on 0800 999 2236 - we are happy to help!


How do I order?

There are two ways:
  • You can order and pay online through this website. These orders are processed fast. Payment online is by debit/credit card transaction, Pay Pal or Cheque or Bank Transfer (BACS) but payment receipt is required before your order is processed.
  • You can email your artwork giving the quantity & size required along with your name, invoice address and delivery address if different. Don't forget to include a contact telephone number. Once we have checked the files we will email you confirmation or call you to take payment. Goods must be paid for on order due to the nature of our business. We accept all major debit/credit cards, bank transfer, or you can post a cheque (longer wait). Just call to confirm your order and pay over the phone.
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Why are your flyers so cheap? Are you low quality printers?

We offer a top quality print quality on the best stock using professional processes. The way we can achieve such a good price is because batch print flyers (this means the press set up cost is shared by everyone - reducing the cost for everyone)
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What is batch printing?

Batch printing is a method of printing where a number of print jobs get printed at the same time in order to share the set-up costs of the press between the jobs, which greatly reduces the printing costs. It is the method of printing we use to offer rock-bottom printing prices on products like flyers and business cards.

Benefits of batch printing
  • Lithographic quality printing at a fraction of the price of usual litho printing - costs typically just a third of the price to print a bespoke print run
  • Lithographic printing offers vibrant colours and great sharpness - something that cheaper digital printing processes cannot offer.
  • Full colour as standard - no extra cost
  • Double sided printing as standard - no extra cost
  • Printed on high quality stocks
  • The most cost effective print method for promotion & marketing material - means you can run more frequent promotions for less money than if you printed your jobs bespokely.
  • Scheduled batch print runs make sure you have your artwork prepared at the right time
  • We give you the set-up stock for free - this is typically 10-15% extra print work which you can use to promote with.
Consquences of batch printing
  • All print work has to be produced to the same specifications - same number of colours and stock type
  • In order to batch print, artwork has to be print-ready by a strict deadline, otherwise you miss printing on the batch print run
  • Due to the large quanities of printwork being trimmed on each batch, we cannot ensure each flyer is trimmed to the same close tolerances that we trim our bespoke print-runs to. Usually this is not noticeable, but occasionally edges are a little more roughly cut than our usual sharp cutting. For the majority of flyer promotions, this is so slight that it is not cause for concern.
  • The very fast turnaround of batch print runs means we cannot allow the printed sheets to dry for a prolonged period, therefore blushing may occur. Blushing occurs if your design contains a solid colour at the edge of one side and a very light colour on the reverse (eg white), and once trimmed some the ink may be carried from one side to the other by the gilloutine cutting edge. This can be avoided by designing artwork without solid colour bleeding off the edge of one side, and a very light colour on the other.
  • The set-up stock(usually 10-15% free printwork included with your order) may contain hickies and other very minor printing defects (usually so slightly that you can promote with this stock though).
  • Whilst we check supplied client artwork to ensure it is suitable for printing, the client is entirely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the content of their flyer artwork
  • In order to offer such cheap printing prices, we cannot make changes to artwork on the clients behalf, as we have to keep the time spent organising batch print runs to a minimum, in order for us to offer such cheap prices. If clients require artwork amendments, they will need to make the changes themselves, and resupply it to us.
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Flyer Specific

Do I pay VAT on my flyers?

Flyers are vat-able:
  • If they are going to be used as a ticket
  • If they have a redeemable value
  • If they include a calendar
  • If there is a write on area for customer data e.g.. Signature, email address etc or a blank area greater than 25%
If you're not sure then give us a call. Or you can read the VAT Liability of Printed Matter
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How do I get my flyers?

Via next working day courier or call to arrange collection if you are local.
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When should I send my files?

We print flyers every Tuesday Night, artwork deadline is Tuesday at 3pm. Flyers are printed overnight, trimmed to size, packed and collected via courier on Thursday to allow next day delivery by 6pm on the Friday of the same week (3 day turnaround). For bespoke print jobs, we print daily.
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Why do I have to wait longer if I pay with Cheque?

Be organised! Please add 7 working days in to your order schedule if you wish to pay with Cheque. We have to wait for your cheque to be cleared.
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Why do you require money up front?

Due to the nature of our business we require payment on order – we are an internet company. This helps us to minimise price increases as we do not have the need for a credit control department.
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Can I send my artwork via FTP?

Yes, however you will not be able to connect using an internet browser (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc) - you will need to use specific FTP client software. There are many FTP clients available for download from the Internet - some are free. We have listed two reliable applications below:
Fetch for Macintosh
FTP Wanderer for Windows

Setting Up Your FTP client
FTP clients will vary slightly, but all will be equipped with fields to enter the following:

Server address / hostname:
Username: motioncust
Password: 0800 999 2236

Once you have uploaded your artwork, please call or email us and we will attach your artwork to your order.
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