Sizes & templates

Uses? Finished size Size inc
2mm bleed
Size in pixels
@ 300dpi
JPG template
Business Card

An ideal way to keep your business details, vouchers and discount cards in your customers' wallets, bags & pockets.

85x55mm 89x59mm 1050x697px
Swing Tag

Often used in clothes shops for attaching prices & barcodes etc to clothes. Hole drilling available if you wish to hang them.

148.5x55mm 152.5x59mm 1801x697px

This small flyer size is ideally suited for flyers with little information, or flyers which are to be used as a ticket.

105x74mm 109x78mm 1287x922px
A6 long   210x74mm 214x78mm 2528x922px
Square   99x99mm 103x103mm 1217x1217px
Square Small   105x105mm 109x109mm 1287x1287px
CD jewel case insert

Useful as a cheap way to produce CD case inserts, some of which could be handed out as flyers to promote the CD.

121x121mm 125x125mm 1476x1476px
Square Med   125x125mm 129x129mm 1523x1523px
Square Lrg   148x148mm 152x152mm 1795x1795px

A third of an A4 (compliment slip size)

210x99mm 214x103mm 2528x1217px

Our most popular size - a quarter of A4 (postcard size) as it's easy for your customers to fold and put into pockets, handbags etc.

148.5x105mm 152.5x109mm 1801x1287px

Half of an A4 - useful for flyers with lots of text.

210x148.5mm 214x152.5mm 2528x1801px
A5 long

Same area as A5, just in a different shape

297x105mm 301x109mm 3555x1287px
2/3 A4   210x198mm 214x202mm 2528x2386px

Great for flyers with lots of information, forms, or a cheap way of printing info sheets or folder inserts.

297x210mm 301x214mm 3555x2528px
A4 long   420x148.5mm 424x152.5mm 5008x1801px

Folder sizes & templates

Finished size Size inc
2mm bleed
Size in pixels
A5 4pp 297x210mm 301x214mm 3555x2528px
DL 4pp 210x198mm 214x202mm 2528x2386px
DL 6pp 297x210mm 301x214mm 3555x2528px
A4 4pp 420x297mm 424x301mm 5007x3555px

Folded leaflets - fold types

6pp Z-fold 6pp C-Fold 6pp Gatefold 8pp Double
8pp Double